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    Holiday Report here

    We have not so far enjoyed the best of summers, but the Open Ears holiday at Brunel Manor took place during the one week where we were blessed with good weather.

    The most uplifting part of the holiday was the God-led and God-given ministry from Marilyn Baker and our very own Tracy Williamson.  Their preparation was excellent and surely many people were spoken to and encouraged.  Marilyn’s beautiful contralto singing voice was easy for most of us to hear.  Tracy’s dance was so expressive.  I particularly liked her interpretation of Marilyn’s song “I’ll never let go of your hand”.

    As you would expect, all kinds of hearing loss was catered – via the loop, the speech to text, typed by “flying fingers” Susanne Koch and via Celia Davies, the sign language interpreter.

    Much of the pleasure from these holidays comes from meeting and making friends, old and new.  What a varied and interesting group of people we have in Open Ears!   Leisure activities were also high on the agenda, be it having the opportunity to walk round the grounds of the Manor, visiting Torquay on the bus, and looking  around Buckfast Abbey.   Mary Bucknall gave us a fascinating talk on the Mastermind programme, in which she starred.   Not only did that take a lot of “brains” to get on to, but also a lot of courage as well.

    Now all this enjoying yourself helps work up an appetite.  So the good food (and there was plenty of it), in a light and airy dining room, was much appreciated.  The staff at Brunel were volunteers from countries such as Italy and Switzerland, and their efforts certainly contributed greatly to our well-being and enjoyment.

    Staying at a place where God is glorified in deed as well as in word recharged our batteries – both spiritual and bodily.

    Thank you, Lord, and roll on future Open Ears holidays and weekends!

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