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    Reflection 11th July 2012

    Having fun and taking new steps with our friends

    Friends are those we can have fun with.  Taking steps without fear.  Trying to do something where we don’t know if we will succeed but trying it anyway because we want to and because there is a friend alongside us encouraging us on.  Recently I was in theBlack Forestand our group visited a lovely waterfall.  I wanted to climb up the rocky trial to get closer but my balance is very poor.  I started off but was thinking I’d better stick to the safe path.  But suddenly my friend Hellen appeared behind me.  She helped me up step by step and I felt such a thrill to get up to the falls.  Descending again was even more of a challenge but Hellen went in front of me, supporting both my arms as we came down.  This meant she had to go backwards herself!  We both had a real sense of achievement when we finally sat at the bottom resting our feet in the rock pools.

    That to me was a picture of the friendship we have with Jesus.  Sometimes we feel ready to give up. But Jesus says to us: ‘I am here with you, ready to support and strengthen you, ready to laugh and have fun with you, ready to give you the joy of taking new steps and seeing new wonders.’  Think of how Jesus had fun with his friends when he fed the 5000 hungry people.  (Matt 14:13-21) The disciples were so confused about everything.  Jesus could have just done the miracle on his own with them watching but instead he involved them and they all shared the wonder as the bread and fish multiplied in their hands.  I think he had a secret little laugh inside as the situation unfolded, knowing how their bewilderment would turn to joy and exhilaration.

    Let Jesus be your friend today, to laugh and share with you.  Rest your hands in his strong ones that He can give you joy as you take new steps with Him.

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