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    Brunel Manor Holiday – experiences and photos

    This year’s holiday was a wonderfully enriching time led by Marilyn Baker and Tracy Williamson of MBM Ministries.

    Tracy writes:

    Open Ears 40th Anniversary Holiday at Brunel Manor was a lovely and love filled celebration holiday and conference. I felt there was a real sense of togetherness, fun, patience, honour of one another, joy, laughter and care throughout the week. New people came and were very speedily integrated into the family atmosphere with one of the new ladies saying she’d never felt such a sense of belonging and acceptance. There was a wonderful awareness of God’s presence in the morning prayer times and He led us in very specific ways each day so an amazing feel of being led as a group. Lovely food, lots of laughter, trips out, dogs playing and having fun, care and prayer for individuals needs, worship and sharing together not forgetting the delicious celebration cake made by Celia and the singing, dancing, joy and fun accompanying it. Truly a memorable time bringing alive all that Open Ears stands for.

    More to come! – Meanwhile, feel free to click through a selection of pictures from the holiday. If you’d like to experience the unique atmosphere Tracy describes, there’s still time to book into Hinsley Hall this year!

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