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    Reflection: Beyond fear – to trust

    By Tracy Williamson

    At the end of June I reached my 50th birthday! A strange landmark as in many ways I often feel still so much a child at times. But one thing that has been on my heart this last year is the need to trust and dare to step into new experiences.

    I’ve been finding it so easy to get stuck into having certain expectations of what will happen and how I will do things. But God is never stuck in a rut and everyday with Him can be a new beginning and a new adventure, if I let it be. I often allow myself to become so held back and fearful of stepping out because I feel that I won’t manage, won’t hear or others will do better than me.

    Of course there always will be people who do things better than me but why should that stop me from trying in my own unique way? So, with God’s loving prompting, I feel that passing this milestone of my 50th also needs to be passing the milestone of these fears and things that have held me back for so long. I want to step out into the adventure of life and live it to the full knowing that God is always with me and is my greatest encourager.

    This does not necessarily mean doing, doing, doing all the time, but having a heart expectancy and love of the life God has given me. So to mark this important milestone of my heart I decided to do a sponsored tandem skydive at the end of July. The most terrifying yet exhilarating moment was sitting in the doorway of the plane knowing I was about to leap out into nothingness! I could see the clouds below me and the earth way below them. Could I really trust this instructor? I had to as my life was literally in his hands!

    When the moment came it was overwhelming. In the first 50 seconds of freefall we hurtled downwards at 140 mph. The wind was roaring in my ears and I could scarcely breathe! Yet I felt amazing joy and awe. Needless to say we descended safely to earth and it was the most incredible experience I have ever had. I knew in my heart I would be safe with my instructor. How much more can we trust God? A human may fail but God is mighty in power and His love never fails us. He is calling us to take steps with Him in joy and expectancy, never holding back out of fear or intimidation. Remember, He has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. I’m really longing that this skydive will be the beginning of me stepping out into all He has for me with courage, fun and joy. How about you? Maybe you’d like to pray this prayer with me?

    Father thank you that your plans for me are exciting and you are always calling me to not to be held back by fear but to be bold to take new steps into all you have for me. I choose today to trust you completely and know that you will always hold me safe even while leading me on exciting and unknown paths. Amen.

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