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    Reflection: Unexpected Treasure

    By Tracy Williamson

    The other day I was leading a¬†‘Listening to God’¬†workshop during which I invited people to spend half an hour quietly with God, maybe looking at a picture or going for a walk and opening their hearts to what God wanted to say to them. I went for a walk myself and asked the Lord to show me anything particular He wanted me to notice.

    I wandered in the grounds and found that the Chapel was in a different direction to the rest of the church. I came upon it unexpectedly not even realising it was there. It had a huge stained glass window higher than those in the church and full of beautiful colours reflecting the sun back to me in rainbow shafts. The sense of beauty and peace caught me by surprise. I thought I had known what was there. I knew the grounds were lovely and had been expecting to notice a delicate flower or a majestic tree. But this was different.

    A turn in the path that led me to find a hidden and unexpected treasure full of the presence of God. It reminded me of the parable of the treasure in the field. something beautiful and valuable buried beneath the mundane and ordinary muddy grass. What would we give to unearth such treasure and own it? In the parable the person who finds the treasure gives up all he has in order to buy the field. His whole life changes, not just because he has found riches but because he has dared to turn aside from his usual pattern of living to discover something greater. He doesn’t postpone it to a so-called ‘better’ time. This moment is the right time and he seizes it.

    As I looked at that beautiful stained glass window that I had found so unexpectedly I knew God was saying He wants me to take time to look beyond the ordinary, the mundane and expected, to dare to explore. To press into what is hidden and find what is beautiful. To have adventure in my heart.

    What about you? What treasure does He want you to unearth today?

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