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    Passion for Jesus in India

    Tracy Williamson shares about her trip to India with blind singer/songwriter Marilyn Baker

    The team at the Gate of India, Day 1

    You may remember that Tracy Williamson did a sponsored skydive last July to raise funds for their planned ministry trip to India in November 2014? In the 2014 Open Ears holiday at Brunel Manor, the offering was given to their charity MBM, to support this India ministry trip which was to have as its focus the inclusion of disabled people in Christian churches.

    Marilyn and Tracy were so grateful for all donations and support and had an amazing trip to India. They are still full of excitement about all they experienced there and have enjoyed sharing about it at their events since. Their senses were overwhelmed by the richness of life, colour, taste, noise and the multitude and variety of people they met and ministered to. They had curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner for nearly 3 weeks and loved the food if missing roasts a bit at times!

    Getting about in an auto rickshaw

    Martyn and Sue Relf who pastor a church in Eastbourne, travelled with them. They are Trustees of the Charity – International Fellowship for the Visually Impaired that supports the work of Nancy and Prabhu Rayan in their vision to see disabled people accepted in churches and to challenge pastors and leaders who are still entrenched in the belief that disability is the result of sin in a past life. Nancy and Prabhu have seen many disabled and blind people become Christians and their ministry has reached 81 countries of the World.

    Nancy and Prabhu organised the tour and also travelled with Marilyn, Tracy, Martyn and Sue, covering Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat and Chennai. All 6 often took part in the meetings which ranged from little concerts to the poor and disabled, sharing in ministry meetings and a house-party to the blind, taking Sunday services and inner healing services, taking a seminar on Ethics and Disability at a top Bible Seminary and several meetings including a day conference specifically for pastors and leaders.

    Marilyn sings and Tracy dances at the Bible Seminary, Pune where many were touched by their message

    Marilyn and Tracy were overwhelmed and inspired by the passion of Indian Christians for the Lord and by the dignity and beauty emanating from the poorest people who often lived in tiny huts with no proper roofs, water or electricity yet clothed their children and themselves as beautifully as possible. At most of the meetings the Lord led us to take altar calls for salvation and many responded, in one church three quarters raised hands to become Christians, including one dear lady who raised both hands and was so enthusiastic. She was part of the ‘Untouchables caste’ and was responding to the message that she was dearly loved and known by God.

    Many pastors and leaders were deeply challenged by Marilyn and Tracy’s personal stories especially at the Bible Seminar where Tracy shared how negative attitudes to her in her childhood had crippled her heart more completely than her actual disabilities but how God had healed her and enabled her to overcome. At the final concert at which there were about 500 people the pastor invited anyone who wanted to come and receive prayer following the message that God transforms our lives. Nearly all 500 came to the front a new prayer ministry experience for Marilyn and Tracy!!

    Drinking coconut milk, going in the sea at Goa which was like a warm bath, exploring the buzzing markets, trying on saris, travelling by rickshaw along the chaotic roads visiting some people in their homes … these were also amazing parts of this wonderful experience. The Lord worked so powerfully in every way and Marilynn and Tracy are full of thanks for all your giving, prayer and support which enabled this trip to happen.

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