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    Reflection: Happiness

    By Janet Andrews

    I have a great fondness for the countryside particularly where there are farms.

    At times I like to take a trip down ‘Nostalgia Lane’ especially the school summer holidays I spent on my Uncle’s farm in Surrey (between Hascombe and Milford). I have loved farm life since I was a small girl. I learnt about farm animals (sheep being my favourite), flora and fauna which involved a good few excursions of discovery.

    hayOne morning about 5 a.m. my Uncle took my younger cousin and me to a very small natural pond in the woods where we had to hide and not move or make a sound. At long last we saw various animal coming to drink the water including deer and foxes. Absolute magic!

    My cousins and I loved the rope swinging from the rafters in the barn and we climbed up bales of hay to a great height and hanging on for dear life we sailed through the air to the other side of the barn, usually one at a time. It was so exhilarating.

    Another time, a lad I rather liked, dared me to jump from the granary at the top of the barn. I did just that and went straight down into a bed of stinging nettles, that was a painful time.

    Another favourite was playing football in the field. What a laugh everyone had when I slipped in a cow cake and covered myself on one side with cow pooh – my aunt was not pleased and made me take all my clothes off outside the kitchen door before being rushed into a bath to get rid of the stench.

    We, children and adults, loved to play cricket in the farmyard. Whenever a ball landed in the pig sty I was the one sent as a retriever.

    As I got older and stronger, I was allowed to help with the harvesting being allowed a few times to drive the tractor. Then next learning how to build up a hay rick. It was hard work spearing sheaves of hay into orderly layers. It was fun as I seemed to be reaching up into the sky and when finished we had to jump into a wagon full of soft hay.

    When I was nearly 15 years old I was drawn to go to the meadow where I laid down and drowsed amongst buttercups, some poppies, celandines etc. and hearing the distant hum of an aeroplane. Absolute bliss, as never experienced before.

    When repeating this meadow visit I found myself thinking about God and His marvellous creation which brought me to the realisation that this experience was the sowing of seeds of contemplation which became a stepping stone towards a burgeoning faith bringing me, some few years later, to becoming a fully fledged Christian. But that is another story.

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