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    If you would like to make a donation, you can download a form using the link below. Thank you.

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    Open Ears goes international

    Open Ears has recently become corporate members of Churchear, an “International Federation for Pastoral Care to Hearing Impaired Persons”.

    You can find out more about their work by going to www.churchear.orgChurchear Logo

    As with Open Ears, Churchear organises conferences in different European countries. The next one will be in Denmark in 2016, and we hope that Open Ears representatives will attend. At some later stage we may be able to host an international conference here in the U.K.

    Individuals may also join Churchear for a fee of 20 Euros which would enable them to attend overseas events.

    Future Churchear webpages will contain news and information on Open Ears.

    Our membership of this wider hearing impaired Christian community adds a new and exciting dimension to our work.

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