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    Reflection: A Home for the Lord

    By Richard Livermore

    “The House of the Righteous Shall Stand.”
    Proverbs 12 v7

    In the summer of 1973 I visited Kilravock Castle, near Inverness, home of Baroness Elizabeth Rose. This lady, a committed Christian, used to open her ancient 14th century Castle as a Christian Hotel. I had met Elizabeth in 1968 while at Capernwray Bible School near Carnforth, Lancs.

    Kilravock Castle had an interesting history and atmosphere. Set in the Scottish hills near Inverness, it had an ancient siege tower with massive walls and gun ports adjacent to a lovely old house with a wide panelled staircase flanked with old portraits of the various Barons from earliest days. Decorated too with Clan Rose regalia, Claymores, shields, broadswords and pikes. (One could almost smell the blood running down the stairs.) Kilts and Sporrans. Despite all this history Kilravock was clean and bright. A lovely place to be.

    In the reception hall was ancient fireplace with two heavy knee high boots from General Cumberland’s army. Set to fight Bonnie Prince Charlie the Catholic Pretender to the Scottish throne. Because the current Baron had offered hospitality to Prince Charlie General Cumberland threatened to burn Kilravock to the ground.

    The current baron said “the Clan Rose never took sides and would give hospitality to all who needed it, besides they were all Christians and sought God’s protection in all the wars around them”. He then pointed out to General Cumberland the verse from Prov.12v7 carved on the stone fireplace. “The house of the righteous shall stand”. Kilravock still stands, a tribute to God’s faithfulness to uphold his word.

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