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    Reflection: A New Year’s Revelation

    By Janet Andrews

    The first two years of my evacuation during the war was at the age of six when I was sent to live with an Aunt and an Uncle who was a farmer. Due to relocation to a farm in another part of the country it was not possible to take me with them and their two young children. So at 8 years old I was sent to an ‘Aunt and Uncle’ in Fernhurst in Surrey. I am not going to talk about that – it was a bit of a difficult time for me.

    But I will tell you of something that happened to me one night.

    I was fast asleep in bed when it happened. Whether this was a dream or vision I did not know, but I found myself waking up facing my window (which in reality was covered by a heavy curtain) and I saw a man’s face which was absolutely contorted with terror. His lips were stretched back from clenched teeth, the eyes behind the goggles ‘screamed’ such dread of what was happening to him. He wore close fitting headgear which shaped his skull and a sort of a knotted scarf round his neck. He seemed to be sitting in something (which I learned later was the cockpit of a plane) and was continuing his rapid downward spiral and vanished from my sight.

    Then I woke up.

    The whole incident had just flashed past my window and yet I could recall every single detail.

    I spoke about this frightening experience the next morning and described what I saw. ‘Uncle and Aunty’ looked very taken aback and said that a plane had crashed in the woods during the night not far from where we lived. We went to see the wreckage and we were told the German pilot was killed.

    He matched up to my description of what I saw.

    It was all very strange and unbelievable. Life was peaceful in Fernhurst and one would think there was not a war. I had no idea what a German pilot looked like. I never saw any newspapers, listened to the radio, and war news were never talked about in front of me or their daughter. Meals were always eaten in silence.

    So what did I see? Was it a dream, a vision or did I have some foreknowledge of the future? Why, for what purpose? But I know what I saw in all its vivid details the horror of that poor pilot zooming downward past my bedroom window that night knowing he was facing the certainty of death.

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