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    Reflection: The Lost Coin

    By Ken & Jean Wiggett

    shutterstock_77814409-300x300Recently, Ken and I had been out and about shopping for most of the day; visiting what seemed like innumerable shops and stores in our town centre. Towards the end of that day I decided to finish shopping in a large supermarket: by then, Ken was in a lot of pain with his back and decided to rest in the car.

    When I reached to get something off the supermarket shelf I was struck with horror. My wedding ring was no longer on my finger! I frantically looked around on the floor then inside my gloves, pockets, bags etc, but to no avail. By this time I was very panicky and my thoughts were racing; wondering where it could be. Perhaps it had come off in my washing up gloves that I had taken off after doing the breakfast washing up. Unable to concentrate, I paid for my shopping and despairingly left the store. I decided not to tell Ken until we got home: it could be in the washing up gloves. No need to worry him, not just yet anyway.

    When I got home, I frantically went straight to the washing up gloves, but no trace of it!

    It was time to tell Ken, who remained remarkably calm. Together we prayed about it. I then telephoned each store we had visited. Each call was met by the same polite response: ‘No madam, it hasn’t been handed in, but leave your name and address………’. I was beginning to give up. It was lost and I wasn’t going to see it again. It was now getting late and many of those stores were approaching closing time. I was so downhearted, but as a last ditch attempt, I rang Boots the Chemist. ‘Yes, madam’. Did the assistant say ‘yes’? A ring had indeed been handed in. ‘When would you like to come in and collect it?’ My only quiet response was ‘thank you Lord’, followed by tears of joy.

    On our way out of the retirement complex where we live I told everyone we met that I had lost my wedding ring but now it had been found. I was so happy. Ken remarked that I sounded like the lady in the parable of the ‘Lost Coin’.

    But of course, we know, that there is so much more meaning to the ‘Lost Coin’ parable we read of in the Gospel of Luke chapter 15 verses 8-10 and how the Angels in Heaven rejoice when each and every one of us who was Lost, is found.

    Jesus Christ our Redeemer is searching, longingly seeking something infinitely more valuable than even my precious wedding ring. With so much evil in the World; daily hearing and reading about so many truly atrocious, dreadfully wicked events and wrong doing, those ‘Lost Coins’: people without the saving love of Jesus, are too numerous to count.

    Please take a few minutes now to Pray for all those ‘Lost Coins’ that they also may be Found and in so doing, discover their one true Redeemer – Jesus Christ.

    Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
    That saved a wretch like me.
    I once was lost but now am found,
    Was blind, but now, I see.
    – Newton
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