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    Reflection: Dare to be Different

    By Mary Bucknall

    You may wonder why I have chosen this title for a Reflection, “Dare to be Different”.

    sheepWhile I was reading some of the Gospels, I was struck by Jesus’ daring to be different on a number of occasions. One of the earliest stories is in Luke 2: 41-51.

    When he was 12 years old, he travelled on foot up to Jerusalem with his parents to commemorate the Passover feast. On the way back to Nazareth he was reported missing and his parents anxiously searched for him among the assembled company of travellers.

    They returned to Jerusalem and found him three days later sitting in the Temple among the wise and learned elders, listening and asking questions of them all. His mother reproached him for disappearing without trace and causing her and Joseph great anxiety. Jesus replied, “Why were you searching for me? Did you not know I must be about my Father’s business?”

    Afterwards he went down with his parents and was obedient to them, although it must be recognised he was a year away from attaining maturity (as Jewish boys today traditionally celebrate their Barmitzvah at the age of 13).

    Again Jesus gave his followers the slip when he got up very early and went out to a lonely place in the desert to pray. They had a job to find him! He then told them that his mission was to preach the good news to people in other towns (Mark 1:35-39).

    Jesus flouted the social norms of the day by healing people on the Sabbath, which was classed as a form of work. By doing this he came into ideological conflict with the Pharisees and scribes of the day, who were very influential in their own right, and therefore he sowed the seeds of his own suffering and death. The Cross and the Resurrection lay in the future, all unknown, of course.

    The night following the Last Supper a crowd armed with swords and clubs, Judas Iscariot amongst them, came looking for Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. However, Jesus did not evade his captors as might have been expected, but went willingly with them back into the city, heading towards his trial on trumped up charges and his death on the Cross.

    After the Resurrection the women came to the tomb looking for Jesus. He was not there! An angel told them that Jesus had been raised and was going on before the disciples into Galilee, where they would see him, just as he had told them.

    By “daring to be different” Jesus was indeed taking a huge risk. But that is how the Kingdom of God is proclaimed, at unexpected times and in unexpected ways, turning traditional dogma on its head.

    Are we willing to dare to be different, to take a risk for Him? Life will be more exciting, yes, more dangerous, yes, more glorious for Him!

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