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    If you would like to make a donation, you can download a form using the link below. Thank you.

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    Open Ears Worldwide

    As a Christian group, we are concerned about the unmet needs of hard-of-hearing and deafened people in developing countries.  As well as supporting and encouraging those with hearing problems here in the UK, we are concerned about the unmet needs of hard-of-hearing and deafened people in developing countries who, because of poverty, receive no help with their hearing loss.

    Nepal: Open Ears supports the building of an ear hospital in Pokhara, Nepal. You can learn about their work at
    Update of July 2014: As well as Open Ears £750 recently donated, another significant donation has come in which will cover the cost of sending the shipping container of equipment to Nepal. We pray that it will be accepted into the country as there are very strict restrictions and hurdles regarding imported medical goods. Among excellent equipment there are beautifully hand-knitted blankets and a complete soundproofed booth for testing hearing. It will be a huge encouragement if this container reaches Pokhara successfully.

    Albania: In 1996 and 1997 a young Albanian lady, Diana Shehu, was helped by Open Ears to train in audiology enabling her to set up the first mission audiology clinic in Albania. She ran the clinic from her flat for a few years as there was no purpose-built clinic, but a couple of years ago former Committee Member Richard Livermore was able to go to Albania and help her local fellowship, Dures Discipleship Church, fit out a clinic in the basement. Today, the clinic opens twice a week to hard of hearing patients from all over Albania. The hearing aids are free but patients are invited to make a donation. This enables the staff to obtain more batteries which have to be purchased. Diana has now trained other Albanian workers to carry on the work.

    Kenya: In 2001 we were able to distribute used ex-NHS hearing aids to needy schools for hard of hearing and deaf in conjunction with Through the Roof.

    Ethiopia: Our team have recently revisited a school for deaf children in Ethiopia where the children’s hearing was tested and 200 hearing aids were fitted to the children and to some of the adults. Training was also given to some of the teachers in ear hygiene, earmould technology and how to fit and look after hearing aids. The children were so excited at being able to hear things they have never heard before, others would need to have speech training. All children would continue in sign language. About one third of patients would benefit as a hearing aid can only amplify what hearing remains.

    Tatarstan: In October 2005 Richard visited Tatarstan and taught several students how to use an audiometer to do air conduction tests, make ear moulds, and fit and adjust hearing aids. Again it was a joy to watch faces lighting up with understanding in response to speech. These were the first steps towards the setting up of two clinics to enable two churches in Tatarstan help the hard of hearing in their community. Two audiometers were provided. This project was undertaken in co-operation with Radstock Ministries.

    Good News

    An Open Ears Worldwide dictum is co-operating in mission, seeking to work closely with resident missionaries and pastors. As important as hearing aids are to hard of hearing youngsters and older patients, it is secondary to sharing the Gospel as God gives opportunity. “He who has an ear, let him hear”, says Jesus.